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Zoning Commission Meeting  Monday February 22nd at 5:00 PM, via video conference


An agenda item on the next Liberty Twp zoning meeting on Monday February 22nd at 5:00 PM, via video conference, includes the final PUD of the Aspen Trails property "The Peaks of Aspen Trails" for the property west of and along state route 747 between Aspenwood Drive and the fire station. The end result will be 27 duplexes (54 residences) in the 11 acres between Aspenwood Drive and the Liberty Township Firehouse.  This is not a final submittal for the portion between Aspenwood Drive and Kyles Station Road - there is no final submittal for that part yet.

This is a final revision to an already-approved plan, so all it needs is a zoning approval - this will not appear before the trustees.  The zoning meeting is the only public meeting and the only chance to voice your opinion.

An overview plan is shown below.  There are also downloads of the application - the full application is 93 pages, the reduced application, showing mostly the plans, is 14 pages.  The Liberty Township Zoning Agenda is available, and the original plans are available for reference.  As we get more documents we will add them here.

This development will go in near/across from the following communities- Knolls of Aspen Trails, Aspen Trails, the Meadows of Aspen Trails, Creekside Meadows, Falling Water and Williamsburg.

Aspen Trails Remainder Rezoning Documents

Developer documents detailing the plans for the "remainder" area of Aspen Trails.

At our request the developer has proposed some amended plans that use some of our HOA land to direct drainage through underground pipes directly to existing catch basins on our HOA property.  The buffer in these areas (trees, shrubs, etc.) would need to be cleared out - this is denoted by the green shaded areas.  These are approximately 40 feet wide.  The plans below show this alternate layout.
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