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Update 5/17/2019 - We have an update on the rezoning application for the unfinished portion of Aspen Trails.  Earlier this week the applicant informed the township that they were withdrawing their application, so the item has been removed from the May 20th zoning commission meeting agenda.  

We do believe that Dixon may come back in the not too distant future with a plan that is more palatable to the zoning board, the Trustees and even to some of us. But until that time comes (if it does) we think we should all take a deep breath and pat ourselves on the back.

We want to thank everyone who attended the Aspen Trails LLC meetings, the township zoning meeting, everyone that passed out flyers and all of those that attended the preparation meetings. A lot of people put in a lot of time and we personally thank all of you. Great job by all.

We'd also like to quickly go over the options the developer has regarding what he could build on that property currently.  Those options are:

  • The current nursing home plan

  • Nothing else


Any future action on this property will require a separate application to be submitted.  Our HOA will be notified of any future application.

Update 4/30/2019 - The item was introduced at the Zoning Meeting on 4/15/2019, but we ended up with another continuance because there were not enough Zoning Commissioners present to render a full vote.  This has been continued until Monday May 20th.  There has also been a change of venue due to attendance at the April meeting.  The May 20th meeting will be held at the Center Pointe Church, 5962 Hamilton Mason Road, starting at 6 PM.

Update 4/10/2019 - This item has been postponed again until the April 15th 2019 Liberty Township Zoning Board meeting.  Today we were notified that the applicant has submitted revised plans to the township.  These revised plans have been posted to our website at the bottom of this page.

UPDATE 2/5/2019 - The meeting has been postponed again until the zoning meeting on March 18, 2019 meeting at 6PM.  Again, this move was requested by the applicant (Dixon).

UPDATE 12/17 - The applicant (Dixon) requested to continue the meeting until the January 23, 2019 Zoning Commission Meeting.  Therefore, this case will not be heard this evening. 

Zoning Commission Meeting  Monday April 15th at 6:00 PM, at the township offices at  6400 Princeton Road - the location may be subject to change.

Please come to the meeting and be prepared to speak!  A short statement will have the most impact!

Add your name to our petition:  

Stop the Rezoning of the Aspen Trails Community

We may not be able to stop development, but we can shape it.  Use your voice.



An agenda item on the next Liberty Twp zoning meeting on Monday Dec 17 at 6:00 PM, at the township offices at  6400 Princeton Rd, includes the rezoning of commercial development of Aspen Trails property to a mixed use development. The end result will be 2 and 3 story buildings containing 192 multi-generational units (apartments), plus retail/office along Kyles Station Road and State Route 747. North along State Route 747 (south of route 4) will include 61 lifestyle patio homes.

This development will go in near/across from the following communities- Knolls of Aspen Trails, Aspen Trails, the Meadows of Aspen Trails, Creekside Meadows, Falling Water and Williamsburg.

We believe this will have an overall negative impact on our community in the following areas:

  • Property values - the addition of apartments and retail/office space will decrease homeowner's property value. 

  • Population density - adding 253 additional residences in a small (approximately 22 acre) area.  By comparison, the connecting neighborhoods of Aspen Trails and the Knolls of Aspen Trails have 250 residences on approximately 120 acres.  The proposed property has absolutely no green space and those residents will look to adjoining communities for this.

  • Community maintenance and upkeep of common areas, walking paths and ponds - the cost of which is borne only by the original residents and not by the proposed development.  Additional maintenance will be necessary due to added wear and tear from potentially doubling the population using the common areas.

  • Additional automobile traffic - Doubling the number of residences in the immediate area could also effectively double the number of vehicles in the area.  While the new development will have 1 dedicated entrance there are also connecting roads to the existing community that will surely see more automobile traffic, increasing safety concerns for those families that live near the new development. 

  • Light and noise pollution - Adding retail, apartments and the requisite parking will add noise and light to our community.

  • Schools - potentially additional students to an already taxed school system.

  • Rural character - many of us moved to this area to get away from the overdeveloped, building on every corner of other communities.  This proposal puts that right in our backyard.

Remainder part 1.jpg
Aspen Trails Remainder Rezoning Documents

Developer documents detailing the plans for the "remainder" area of Aspen Trails.

Updated April 9 2019 Aspen Trails Remainder Rezoning Documents

Developer documents detailing the plans for the "remainder" area of Aspen Trails.

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